How It Works Funding Platform is one of the easiest funeral funding platforms available on the internet.  You do not need a PayPal account or any other type of funding service to use our platform.


After you register for an account you will then need to create a campaign funding page for your loved one.  This page should include a picture, a description of the individual and why you’re raising money for the services/donation/etc.


Your campaign fund will be live for two weeks.


Once your campaign is approved (usually within 12 hours) you’ll be able to share the link on Facebook, Twitter, email or any other social network.


After your campaign has concluded, we will then send the money directly to the funeral home or other recipient as directed by you.



Paypal will subtract 2.9% from each donation. will subtract a flat rate of $99 from each campaign over $999 and $49 from each campaign under that.